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Upon system initialization, the authentication program in the unalterable ROM is used to authenticate the person memory device contents in primarily the identical fashion as that used to authenticate the casino game information sets. The massive portions of storage that may be made accessible in a safe vogue using the invention, facilitates the creation of casino gaming programs offering both an elevated range of games, and particular person games of superior high quality. More significantly, the invention contains an digital casino gaming system and method having drastically expanded mass storage capability for storing a multiplicity of excessive resolution, high sound high quality casino kind video games, and provides enhanced authentication of the saved game program info with a high safety issue. For instance, to change the graphic photographs in a specific casino game or set of games, new casino game data units may be generated together with new signatures and stored in the mass storage unit by both exchanging disk drives, replacing disks (for read only disk items), or writing new information to the media. Disk subsystem 19 contains a disk controller related to a PCI bus 20 for controlling the disk drive unit 18. Controller 19 preferably helps SCSI-2, with choices of fast and extensive.

The encryption/decryption course of is ideally carried out utilizing a private key/public key method by which the first abbreviated bit string is encrypted by the game producer using a personal encryption key maintained in the custody of the sport manufacturer. From a process standpoint, this second side of the invention comprises a technique of authenticating a program or data set of a casino style recreation which consists of two phases: a program or fixed knowledge set preparation part, and a program or fastened knowledge set checking phase. By separating the authentication process from the casino game information set storage, the invention affords secure distribution and execution of program code and knowledge, no matter the particular distribution or storage approach employed. From a course of standpoint, this facet of the invention contains a way of authenticating a knowledge set of a casino model sport which consists of two phases: a sport data set preparation section and a recreation knowledge set checking part.

The casino game data set checking part proceeds by computing a second abbreviated bit string from the stored casino game data set utilizing the same hash perform, decrypting the saved encrypted signature to recuperate the primary abbreviated bit string, and evaluating the primary and second abbreviated bit strings to determine whether the two strings match. In this system or fixed knowledge set preparation section, the method proceeds by offering a program or mounted data set for a casino game, computing a first abbreviated bit string distinctive to this system or fixed information set, encrypting the first abbreviated bit string to offer an encrypted signature of the program or mounted data set, and storing the program or fastened data set and the signature in a memory gadget. So lengthy because the authentication process performed on the sport information set is carried out using the authentication program stored in an unalterable ROM, and so long as that ROM might be verified reliably, any casino game data set will be loaded from any source and may be verified by the system at any time: either prior to make use of, during run-time, periodically during run-time or upon demand. If there isn’t any match, either the casino game data set 36 or the signature 37 is deemed corrupted and not genuine.

If required by a given gaming commission or deemed desirable by a gsn casino operator, the system may additionally show the message digest forty two of every specific knowledge set 36 or the encrypted signature version 37 for auditing purposes. The authenticity of a given casino game information set 36 can be checked on demand, either regionally at the game console or remotely by way of a community, by providing a demand procedure. The authentication program stored in the unalterable ROM performs an authentication examine on the casino game knowledge set at appropriate occasions, comparable to prior to commencement of recreation play, at periodic intervals or upon demand. As well as, the authentication procedure can be run on every such program or fastened knowledge set at periodic or random intervals (on demand) in a fashion basically equivalent to that described above with respect to the casino game information set authentication procedure. For this function, a message digest is computed for the authentication program saved in ROM 29, and this message digest is stored in a secure manner with the casino operator or the gaming commission (or both) along with the hash function used to provide the message digest.